Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hello World - A few details

(Note: Please read my first post before reading this, else do not read this post)

Now that I am done with my first post already, I would like to touch upon some of the points of first posts.

If you ask me best thing about that post, it was first post & it helped me get the feedback :D. And if you were expecting this is the answer, sorry, thats what it was all about. Its best part was most of those who read (plz note 'those who read' coz it was not a big number. But statistics help in misguiding ;) ) felt I followed Part B. May be, may be not. Here I am goin to touch upon few points of the first post. 

1. Basics are basics. They never change : Simplest example for this would be Sachin Tendulkar. Modesty was part of his basics & continue to be his guiding principle even today. If you want a close to your life example, just examine how some of your friends who were no one & have now done great. I can challenge you these guys will be the same person as friends as they were earlier. If not, you never understood them right.

Hahaha, again a big bluff :D ?  Fact is - change is the only reality of life. Just recall how many of your friends, relatives have changed over period. If you have been successful you have got more friends & relatives. Why? Coz basics are never same. The people who joined you after your success belong to this category. Or is it that their principle is to keep changing the basics????

2. Pyar & its 3 stages : (Here I will present my  view :D. Its a view of inexperienced person in this field. So mistakes if any, can be ignored :D )

a. Stage 1: Both of them will be bluffing and will hence will be happy about their partners. Seeds for most failures of LM lie in this very stage. The more you fake here, faster you will be in getting initial success and  faster you would be in reaching stage 3. 

Why not follow the reverse formula? Lets show our negatives & let people understand the positives in you? Noooooooooo way. Whoever does this will be violating the basic principles of attracting customers. But , but, are we looking for life partners or customers?

b. Stage 2: This stage is best explained by a simple word 'disillusionment'. For how many days can you hide the realities, some days they have to come out. This is precisely what stage is all about. Your partner unravels realities about you & vice versa. 

c. Stage 3: This stage is best described by 'review'. By this stage, you know what you wanted & what you got. Same is true about your partner. 

So how does it really happen? The workflow(my first company colleagues would love this word) is all in your hand. If you fake more, you are sure to go through to stage 2. Now if you recover well in stage 2, fair enough. Else its stage 3 . Here again you have a chance to salvage else, boom. For those who never faked, will never see stage 2 & stage 3. But then wats the fun in it? Fools, you get no fun in flowing through stages. Its a painful flow 

(This is based on my imaginative skills without any prior experience)

3. Reality I hate to accept:We are still male dominated. God knows when we will become equal. Worst part is most females are happy to accept this rather than taking it as a challenge.(Part A)


Bhai male dominated kyun na hoon. It has been proved time & again. If females have it, please come forward and prove ki you are better. Period.(Part B)

(In this case I dont agree with Part B)

Whatever way it may be in either case, why shouldnt girls/females take it as a challenge & turn the things. In my life, I have seen some people doing it. And have been always proud of them. At the same time I have seen few who have made use of their gender to run away from responsibilities. Why??

Its for you to decide the path, but I can assure you that you can challenge the world & prove that girls/females are no less. 

I know, by now you must be feeling, bass ho gaye fundae tere :D. Hope this post was atleast equal in quality to previous post (better even I am not expecting :D )

My Next Post : Not related to hello world, a new beginning & may be this is gonna be the last post. No one knows. Only time will tell :D. Will I ever again get a feel to write blog?


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