Wednesday, February 24, 2010

मी आणी ती

This is my first poem in Marathi.. rather to be precise ... my first poem ever :D ... So set your expectations accordingly....

मी क्लास मधे बसलो होतो
ती पण क्लास मधे बसली होती...

माझे डोळे तिला शोधत होते
तिचे डोळे मात्र बोर्ड धुंडाळत होते...

मी तिच्या प्रेमात पडलो होतो
ती सग्ल्यांच्या प्रेमात पडली होती...

मला वाटे ती फक्त माझी व्हावी
तिला वाटे ती सग्ल्यांच्या व्हावी...

मी तिच्यासाठी कष्ट करू लागलो
ती पण माझ्या जवळ येऊ लागली...

तिची आणि माझी चांगली गट्टी जमली
तिची इतरान्शिही चांगली गट्टी जमली...

कालांतराने माझ्या लक्षात आले
"सरस्वती जो कष्ट करेल त्याला मिळेल"

If you didnt like this poem, dont worry I rarely take this kind of risk.
And if you liked the poem, the real fun lies in rarity.... :D

- Nalayak Porga

(English translation : Meaningwise... rhyme etc is not taken care of

I was sitting in class
She was also sitting in class...

My eyes were searching her
But her eyes were scanning board...

I fell in love with her
She fell in love with everyone...

I want her to be mine only
She wants to be everyone's

I started struggling to get her
She also started becoming close to me...

We started having good rapo
Also she started having good rapo with others...

Overtime I learnt
"Whoever works hard.. will get 'Saraswati' "

-Useless Boy(Nalayak Porga)


  1. mast aahre re kavita......shevti bechalor chya aauyshyat strilingi gostch inspiration dete he matra nakki :)

  2. ok.. its really funny.. par ye to bata ki apni class main ye "saraswati" hai kaun.. :P

  3. kavi ne wastawikta dyanat theun...ek uttam ashi kavita sadar keli

  4. Wah Wah... sahi ahe be kavita... But who inspired u to write it??

  5. This is called RAPE of poetry. And BTW are you sure you mean Saraswati or Sw..i?

  6. The girl seems to be socialist ..equal opportunity for everybody ...

    GRV is gkochhar :)

  7. Kavita, Saraswati..........who is next ?

  8. Maa ki kirkiri miyan!!