Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hello World !!

Hello World : Clearly indicates the background I am from & also why what you read is gonna be a big piece of shit :) .
Side A- (Do you recall something by this naming standard :) )
Some philosophies:
1. Basics are basics. They never change.
2. Friendship – Something which grows stronger with time if rules are followed & after breakeven grows even stronger if rules are broken.
3. Pyar(GF-BF) & its 3 stages (Restricting pyar to only BF-GF types of relationship in this)
4. Everything is a game. So enjoy it.
5. Strength of wolf lies in hunting in packs. Pack is important. (It is during my PG that I learnt importance of this. Subjects can be dedicated to this point).
6. Do whatever you want to do. Don’t give others a damn.
7. Reality which I hate to accept: We are still male dominated. God knows when we will become equal. Worst part is most females are happy to accept this rather than taking it as a challenge.

If you thought this is what I believe … he he…. Sorry I was just “trying” to sound good. :D. (Wanted some good start to my blog :) ) And I could feel the pressure when I was jotting down these points.

Side B- (Atleast aab toh kuch yaad aa gaya hoga purane zamane ka ) (Audio Cassette)
1. There is nothing called basic. As long as money is there, fame is there. Money can change everything & that is what matters.
2. Friendship … :) .. People say great things about friendship… it redefines your life. .. you learn to live …. Blah … blah .. abey end of the day … the “self-interest” will come out … keep these fundas away…
3. Pyar :D :D :D . Ek bomb joh kabhi bhi phut sakta hain… :)
4. Life is cruel. Dusron ko dabaoge tabhi aage jaoge…
5. Pack wack kuch nahi hota. If you have money you have people around you. So strength lies in money.
6. Image is the crux. Maintain it. Give it lot of importance. :D
7. Bhai male dominated kyun na hoon. It has been proved time & again. If females have it, please come forward and prove ki you are better. Period.

Now that I have almost finished writing this post, I realize - To be philosophical or good is difficult. Its much simpler to be mean & insult others. I have always been in groups who specialize in doing these things. Whether we do or don’t do anything.. who cares. As long as others try to do something we will ridicule them :D .
(This is my first post. Will be surely touching on some of these aspects in my future articles .. if they come :) . Or this might become my first & last post :D )
(If I have bored you with this blog, please do not come to this blog again. My standard isn’t going to improve :) )

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