Wednesday, August 11, 2010

पण फरक काय पडला ...

आकाश भरून आले
ढ़ग गर्जना करू लागले
पाउस पडू लागला
पण फरक काय पडला ...

पोर पावसात खेळू लागली
खरा आनंद लुटू लागली
चौहिकडे आनंद पसरला
पण फरक काय पडला ...

घरे वाहून गेली
अनेक लोक गेली
चौहिकडे हाहाकार झाला
पण फरक काय पडला ...

पाउस पडला ... हिरवळ पसरली
पाउस पडला ... मने तुटली
प्रश्न मात्र तोच राहिला
पण फरक काय पडला ...

- नालायक पोरगा

(English translation)

But what difference does it actually make?

Skies were impregnated with clouds
Clouds rumbled
Gave way to heavy downpour
But what difference does it actually make?

Kids playing in the rain having fun
Their pleasure seems real and lasting
And it spreads smile everywhere
But what difference does it actually make?

Cloud bursted and drowned homes
Lives lost and people stranded
Chaos everywhere but peace is what I look for
But what difference does it actually make?

Rain you brought greenery and refreshing air
Rain you brought broken hearts & despair
And so the question still remains the same
What difference does it actually make?

-Useless Boy

(Already I am being criticized for my attempts at poems.... But I wont stop... Will keep writing.... :D
Till I find something better to do :D )

(I am thankful to Asmita & Akshit for working on English translation of my 'Kavita'. Hope this time English translation sounds good. Also special thanks to Amith, my roomie, for his guidance & support in my journey. )


  1. You are beginning to shows signs of maturity as a poet...kudos!